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OSRAM DEXAL LED drivers enable smart, connected luminaires

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08.02.2018 | Products

Streamlined solution for individual fixtures to become a smart network node

Wireless control technologies are still fragmented today, making it difficult for luminaire manufacturers to provide smart fixtures. The DEXAL technology now enables them to simplify the design and construction process while also offering advanced data exchange and sensor connection.

The DEXAL technology is a non-proprietary, DALI-based intra-luminaire interface that enables power and bi-directional communication between the driver and the fixture-integrated component providing exact luminaire-specific data, including diagnostics, to light management systems. The concept has now been picked up by industry standard bodies and recently proposed by DiiA (Digital Illumination Interface Alliance) and ANSI C137.4.

The DEXAL technology provides a streamlined solution for individual fixtures to be a smart node in a networked light management system. DEXAL enables luminaire manufacturers to supply system integrators with smart fixtures that offer bi-directional communication of fixture-level data without complicating the design and manufacturing process, and thus contribute to the smart building trend.

Fixture-integrated components offered by industry leading smart control suppliers use the DEXAL technology (e.g. Current GE, enlighted, Lutron, Magnum, OSRAM Encelium, NEDAP...).

OSRAM has now launched the two OPTOTRONIC DEXAL Linear SELV LED drivers in 30 and 50 W (OTi 30/120-277/1A0 DX L and OTi 50/120-277/1A4 DX L) and thus also makes this future-oriented technology available in Europe for the very first time.

Product benefits:

  • Integrated DALI (Version-1) bus power supply for sensors and wireless radios
  • Simplified luminaire design for wireless lighting control system and sensors
  • Analytics possibility using luminaire data (power, energy, operating hours)


  • Office, education
  • Linear lighting solution for retail and industry

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OSRAM product catalog: OPTOTRONIC Intelligent - DEXAL Press Release: Digital Illumination Interface Alliance