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Tuner4TRONIC v3.7 update with DEXAL driver support

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16.11.2018 | Products

New: OTi 30/50 DEXAL drivers now supported

The Tuner4TRONIC v3.7 update features support of the new OTi 30/50 DEXAL drivers. In addition, the FEIG MR102 USB interface can be used in combination with NFC-programmable OT FIT 100/150 industry drivers and outdoor OT 1DIM and OT 4DIM NFC LED drivers with the new firmware version 2.3 are also supported.

What is DEXAL?
Intra-luminaire, bidirectional interface

OSRAM DEXAL is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface which is based on the DALI standard. It provides power and enables bidirectional communication between the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL LED driver and the fixture-integrated component. OSRAM DEXAL technology allows manufacturers to create smart, connected fixtures using one single interface supported by multiple light management systems (LMS).
In this update, the following drivers are now supported:

  • OTi 30/120…277/1A0 DX L
  • OTi 50/120…277/1A4 DX L

Outdoor OT 1DIM and 4DIM LED drivers

Especially in outdoor applications, high reliability and low maintenance costs are key factors for environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting solutions. Thanks to OSRAM’s longtime experience in outdoor LED lighting, the new innovative OT 1DIM and OT 4DIM G2 NFC LED driver family is the perfect match for the market demands of current and future outdoor applications.
3 top product benefits:

  • High-quality all-in-one LED driver offering easy and fast wireless luminaire programming
  • Reduced number of luminaire types for cities and also for luminaire manufacturers by using the Tuner4TRONIC Field smartphone app
  • Innovative features for intelligent luminaire designs

OT FIT IND linear drivers

Industry applications require robust lighting solutions – high efficiency, long lifetime and guarantee as well as excellent lighting quality are a must. The brand-new OSRAM OT FIT 100/150 D NFC IND L linear non-isolated drivers are designed for these robust applications with wide temperature ranges.
They seamlessly combine maximum lifetime, robustness and lighting quality with very high efficiency and fast programming. Thanks to NFC, it has never been so easy, fast and cost-effective to program the current required.

This update provides compatibility with the FEIG MR102 USB programming interface via NFC.

About Tuner4TRONIC

The Tuner4TRONIC software suite allows luminaire manufacturers to program OSRAM drivers via DALI and/or NFC in a simple, fast, reliable and cost-effective way, speeding up the production process.

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