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The art of lighting - customized solutions for museums and galleries

State-of-the-art LED lighting systems with a large number of sophisticated features are ideal to present the works of art in museums, art galleries and exhibitions in a perfect light. Customized, flexible OSRAM Digital Systems LED modules and light management systems provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors and the optimum environment for exhibits.

A real challenge: perfect museum and gallery lighting

Museum and gallery buildings can be extremely challenging to light. After all, the works of art on display should provide visitors with an experience of pure pleasure. However, due to the large variety of exhibits and collections, many different requirements for light and lighting must be fulfilled. And what’s most important: The works of art must be presented in the best possible light – without disturbing glare effects, with the optimal brightness, perfectly matched light and shade effects, and of course without suffering damage over long periods of time. In order to achieve all this, OSRAM offers LED modules and LED drivers which comply with all the specific requirements of museums and galleries.

Enhancing the FC Bayern fan experience

Exhibiting paintings in gentle, true-color light

LED luminaires and lamps provide clear advantages when compared to conventional lighting: OSRAM lighting solutions offer a large selection of shades of white and colors in various light intensities – simply perfect in order to bathe art in perfect light.OSRAM LED modules are available in warm and cold white and tunable white to enable the smooth adjustment of light colors for all the individual exhibits. Select between the narrow and wide distribution of light in order to create light accents or wide-area lighting that perfectly highlights your room or work of art.

The precise way of lighting art: LED light management

Modern light design even goes a step further: You can predefine constant or dynamic scenes for individual exhibits or display cabinets. This ensures that your works of art are shown in all their splendor. Control is possible via a control panel or simply via smart devices. Automatic sequences are of course no problem at all.

After redesigning a room, you can re-program your system in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the combination of daylight and artificial light can be controlled with high precision. This is how you create a natural environment with perfect visual conditions and preventing eye fatigue. All these features help you to control your rooms flexibly and automatically.

But OSRAM light management even provides a large number of additional options: Motion sensors make sure that the light only switches on when a person enters a room in your gallery and switches off automatically once the last visitor has left.

OSRAM LED modules, LED drivers and light management systems provide natural and pleasant light and visitors truly enjoy walking through your rooms and admiring all the exhibits – without their eyes getting tired.

The right balance between architecture, costs and energy efficiency

Cost and energy savings play a major role in modern museum and gallery lighting. These are also important reasons why it makes perfect sense for museums and galleries to replace their obsolescent fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps or halogen lamps by modern, durable LED technology.

OSRAM LED modules and LED drivers are available in many different sizes and variants. Lighting designers enjoy great freedom of design and artists are delighted to see that their work comes to life in perfect light. Cutting-edge modules can be integrated into customized, durable LED luminaires in order to design state-of-the-art lighting solutions for all kinds of buildings. Showcase your works of art in perfect LED light and enjoy all the benefits of a matching OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems light management system.

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