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OSRAM Lighting Designer

Configure and select your system solution of LED module and driver

Our system solution matches your individual lighting needs

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By entering only some basic data in the online software LED deSIGNer automatically calculates the exact number of components of LED modules, ECGs and mounting profiles for a given application.

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Software for configuration of DALI installations (in combination with a OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL control unit CONT-4 or CONT-4 RTC)

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Software suite for OEM use to configure all programmable OPTOTRONIC, QUICKTRONIC and POWERTRONIC driver in the luminaires manufacturing process.

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DALIeco PC Software

Software for creation of individual function modes for the DALIeco control unit product code AB3233800DG or higher.

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EASY Color Control

The software „EASY Color Control“ for Microsoft Windows enables the configuration of up to 16 DALI EASY / OT EASY (up to 64 using the “EASY System Coupler”) control units and EASY DMX SO control units.

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DALI Wizard

GUI for setting-up, analysis and diagnostics of DALI ECG installations (in combination with DALI Wizard hardware)

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ECG Replacement Finder

Search – filter – find

The best solution to replace your defective control gear.

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OSRAM supports DIALux and RELUX - the world-wide leading software applications for professional light planning.

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OSRAM Flex configurator

Achieve your FLEX solution with our updated configurator!

Step by Step support to even more possiblitities!

Our configuration tool supports you step by step.

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