Digital Systems

Lamps for traffic signaling equipment

<ul class="simplelist"><li>Road and rail traffic signals</li></ul>


<B>Product features</B><BR/><ul class="simplelist"><li>Connecting cables equipped with contacts/insulation widely resistant to corrosion and heat</li></ul><BR/><B>Product benefits</B><BR/><ul class="simplelist"><li>Fixed adjustment of halogen tube to reflector provides high luminous intensity</li><li>Nearly constant luminous intensity due to high quality reflector coating</li><li>Very long life due to the halogen tube</li></ul><BR/><B>Areas of application</B><BR/><ul class="simplelist"><li>Road and rail traffic signals</li></ul><BR/><p><B>Safety advice</B><BR/>All halogen signal lamps operate at high temperature and pressure. They may therefore only be operated in signal equipment/luminaires specially designed for the purpose. Make sure that the lamps are protected against moisture during operation and in particular during relamping.</p><BR/>

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