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PASS - Premium Application Support Services

Create the lighting of the future, faster.

Looking for the LED expertise to help you get ahead of the competition? Then get PASS – Premium Application Support Services. With PASS, you’ll get access to OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ application engineering expertise and lab services through a lean, affordable, a-la-carte program. PASS, available for commercial businesses, is an open, collaborative design and testing process that keeps you involved, allowing flexibility along the way. So make it good, make it fast, and make it easy – with PASS.

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Choose from a list of standard printed circuit boards (PCBs), specify a custom PCB or work with engineering to realize an entire system mockup for proof of concept.

  • Standard PCBs
  • Custom PCBs
  • System Mockups
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System Metrology

Get photometric and thermal measurements for your solution.

  • Integrating Sphere Measurement (total luminous flux)
  • Goniophotometer Measurement (spatial distribution of light or angular intensity)
  • Spot Thermal Measurement
  • Thermal Area Measurement
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Simulate your system to study illumination and thermal performance before hardware is realized.

  • Simulate your Optical System
  • Model your Illumination Enviornment
  • Simulate your Thermal System
  • Optics and Thermal Design Support
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LED Data

LED characterization and lifetime estimation based on your specified parts and drive current.

  • LED Measurements
  • Lifetime Estimation
  • LM-80 / TM-21 reports
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Get PASS now.
Get started now. Get your PASS to the future.

Disclaimer: Qualification for PASS services will be evaluated based on the mutual business potential and opportunity. If, for any reason, what we can provide doesn’t fit your needs, we can help you find the right service through our LED Light for you partner program, a network of certified industry partners that will help connect you with the right solution provider. Not all services are available in all regions.